Today Apple announced the latest version of their mobile operating system (iOS). Based on what I’ve seen so far it appears to be a fairly dramatic overhaul of the current iOS. It brings a whole new look and several features that will improve the use of your iPhone. However, I wouldn’t consider any of what is included in iOS7 to be “game changers.”

Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton will be making a public appearance today in Downtown Los Angeles He will be participating in a celebration for outgoing Mayor Villaraigosa. The celebration will take place at City Hall.


Peace Yoga Gallery

Peace Yoga Gallery

If you are looking for a unique and inspirational yoga experience then you need to check out Peace Yoga Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles. Peace offers much more than the typical yoga class that you find at a corporate gym. Peace is a sanctuary in an urban jungle where you can not only practice yoga, but enjoy wholesome food, cleanse your soul, and rejuvenate your spirit. The driving force behind Peace is the exuberant Cheri Rae, founder of Peace. To meet Cheri is an experience unto itself. Her energy and spirit are so powerful that it envelopes you the minute you meet Cheri.